“I will often come to sessions unsure of what I want to talk about or work on, and she’ll somehow get right to the heart of the matter. She’ll somehow know things about me that I’m afraid to say aloud. As a result, my work with Ann has progressed very quickly” – Adriana Bucz, Theatre Producer, Artist

People find their way to coaching because of some desire for change in their lives. But while we know we want change, we’re sometimes unclear about what that change looks like, or where to start.

Since it’s uncommon or unusual to have deep ‘life’ conversations within our work relationships, friendships, or even with our most intimate partners, it’s often a big deal just to have someone to talk to.

Life Coaching is about giving you the time and space to be totally focused on you, while being heard and supported and given valuable feedback to help you gain a clearer and clearer perspective on what and how you want change.

My clients describe the benefits of coaching much better than I can, as the results are just as unique as each person I work with! If you’re curious how Life Coaching with me might just be perfect for you, please contact me right away.