Ann is a wonderful coach, with a lot of experience and an amazing level of intuition about people’s feelings and fears. She is a great partner to have as you explore unknown territories, deep places in your soul. She provides good guidance, rich feedback, and lots of alternative ways to look at life, which will sure help you move forward, to space full of possibilities.”
Client, Toronto

“I came to Ann for coaching at a time in my life where I was really struggling for a deep sense of clarity; I wanted to take my life to the next level, and learn how to be the truest version of myself. Ann has been amazing at helping me to recognize the walls and obstacles inherent in my busy life. She brings my attention to these elements with the utmost compassion, and gently guides me toward a possible approach to move forward. With Ann’s guidance, I feel like I am getting to know my most favourite me! And I’m moving forward with a confidence and positivity I have never experienced before in my life, and am able to maintain that sensationeven when times are tough.

What I love most about working with Ann is that she comes to her practice from a place of real passion. She clearly loves people, and really wants to help them attain their highest selves. She places absolutely no judgement on anything that I bring to a session; in fact, I feel completely comfortable telling Ann things I’ve never told anyone before. She has the unique ability to create a safe space that is filled with love and positivity.

Ann is remarkably intuitive. I will often come to sessions unsure of what I want to talk about or work on, and she’ll somehow get right to the heart of the matter. She’ll somehow know things about me that I’m afraid to say aloud. As a result, my work with Ann has progressed very quickly – I haven’t gotten stuck on issues, or held back secrets. Everything gets laid out on the table right away, and Ann gets me there with a lot of warmth and compassion. She makes dealing with some of the harder things in life feel remarkably easy.

Ann has really helped me to integrate all the information I get in the sessions. She gives out “homework” assignments that always turn out to be exactly what I need. I can really feel the difference the work has been making. I feel like a new woman! And not just in the big ways, but in small and subtle ways as well (she gets to those hard-to-reach-places in my psyche). She has the ability to make the work not feel overwhelming and exhausting, but instead seems to know exactly what I need right now, and how much I can handle. She pushes me when I really need to be pushed, she gives me strength and courage to stick up for myself and let my voice be heard. I hold the lessons that Ann gives me every day in my heart. Because she makes me feel so secure and cared for in every session, I trust her implicitly – I know that when she is pushing me a little harder to go a little deeper, it’s for my own good. I know that she has my best interests at heart.

I would recommend Ann as a life coach without hesitation. Anyone who wants to work on some facet of their lives, be it a greater emotional understanding, clarity of purpose, making a difficult decision, moving past obstacles or hurdles, integrating life lessons, and so on, would greatly benefit from her wisdom. I have no doubt that Ann could make any individual feel comfortable in her prescence, and the ability to speak in a completely safe environment is one that we could all use. Ann Sullivan has true grace, and that’s not a word I use lightly because it is such a rare quality. The best thing is that her grace seems to rub off on the people she works with, and I have had the privilege of beginning to feel that magic work on me.”
–Adriana Bucz, Theatre Producer and Artist

“Before I began working with Ann, I didn’t know what I needed.  I just felt really lost to myself and off my path. I knew I needed support, but I was looking for something different and more empowering than traditional therapy. With Ann, I found that empowering place and so much more. As my coach, Ann did not sit with a notepad and analyze me. She engaged with me, she rode the waves of my confusion with me, she led me back to myself. It was an entirely different experience than any I’d had before. Our sessions were dynamic and engaging and always different. Ann incorporated intuition, visualization, goal setting, and many other techniques to help me find my voice, my vision, and my purpose.  She compelled me to dig deep within myself to find the wisdom and strength I needed in order to have the life I desired.  When I first began my work with Ann I was stuck and confused.I didn’t know which way to go or how to move through all the fears that blocked me from my dreams. Now I am filled with inspiration, and excited about my life.  I recently started my own business and I am doing work I love.  Ann held a huge space for me to find my path. She inspired me and challenged me, and she instinctively knew what I needed from each session.  Ann is a skilled and gifted Life Coach and I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to clarify their vision, find their purpose, or simply become closer friends with themselves. Ann can help you attain all those goals and more. I am so grateful to have found her when I did.”

–Michele Murphy, Educator and Entrepreneur