Coaching has its roots in the traditions of sports coaching and motivational speaking. That means coaching is dynamic, it moves with you, it is meant to inspire you, move you into action.  Coaching is about having your own personal cheerleader that has a deep understanding of your goals and does not have a specific investment in how they turn out like our family, friends, and co-workers have.  A coach teaches you tools that assist you to make change in your life.

Most often a Life Coach has been through their own journey with personal development and transformation and is now at a place to pass  along what they have learned to others.

Life Coaching is becoming more mainstream and therefore more regulated.  There are training facilities and methods that are establishing themselves within the industry.  But usually choosing a coach is about a ‘good fit’.  Coaching is a relationship, and so it’s important to feel like you can be honest and feel safe with your coach.

Life Coaching is meant to help the client to get clear about their lives, their purpose and goals, and then move through the blocks that stand in the way of them achieving that purpose.  Above all coaching is meant to empower a client to take control of their own lives, to choose their path and perspective of life.  Coaching can help you to gain tools of self awareness and self- esteem.

Coaching is meant to hold a space for you to get as honest as you can about yourself, what you want, and what holds you back.  Honesty is revolutionary.  It allows us to connect with our true selves and dismantle the false identity we have created to protect ourselves from the ‘pain’ of life.  Pain is a part of life, and once you are able to confront that pain and the fear that holds you back from it, you can start to create in a large way in your life.  Know yourself and you will know your purpose.

Coaching is an umbrella term that holds within it so many different forms.  I always say that each coaching form is as unique as the coach, because unlike traditional therapy, coaches aren’t using diagnostics.  We don’t have specific disorders that we then fit clients into.  We approach each client as an individual, and make all of our tools available.   Coaching should not be used as the primary help for people with serious mental disorders, although it’s wonderful to use coaching in collaboration with clinical therapy or other mental health practices, it should not be used as a replacement for therapy.

I am pleased to offer a short complementary consultation in order to see how we might work together. During that time  we can have a talk about your dreams/ideas/goals at a broad level, and then see if we want to explore a few sessions together.

One Hour: $100
Five Session Package:  $450