Who is Ann?

I have been Life Coaching since I was a kid.  I was the friend all my friends called when they needed advice and I was happy to endlessly ply them with it.  I seemed to be able to see the bigger picture.

But, I started my work in this world as an artist, getting serious about it when I attended the incredible Theatre program at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.  The program took me into my own personal development journey, forcing me to know myself in order to express my art.  It also gave me an education in human experience, empathy, and directing, which led me to coaching.  Directing was an opportunity to work with actors as a leader and guide.  My favourite moments as a director were the times when an actor would come up against a block.  I would know intuitively how to get inside the moment and help my actor to move through the block, into transformation, empowerment, and intimacy.  So, my actors were having transformative experiences, but I wasn’t necessarily interested in the production.  I believe that creativity and self expression are important aspects of any personal development process and I strive to bring together creativity and personal transformation in my work.  I also spent two years teaching Voice class at Methodica Acting Studio in Vancouver and continue to develop my passion of teaching and physical training.

I got my official coaching training with Janice Smith in 2006, and starting practicing immediately after my practicum.  I also have spent almost a decade working with countless teachers to learn the subjects I was interested in as a helper.  After my formal, albeit unique University education, I was more interested in the practical training of apprentice and associate study.  My studies have taking me into subjects like psychodrama, Kabbalah, medical intuition, Mediumship and channeling, energy work, to name a few.  As well, I have developed a large scope of resources to offer clients throughout their personal development journey.

I have a few passions: coaching, teaching and leadership, and it is my goal to have a retreat centre in order to pursue my passions in a therapeutic setting.  I have been practicing since 2007, both in Vancouver and Toronto, as well as remotely with clients throughout North America and even overseas.  I have spent much of my time practicing and working in the collaborative environment of wellness centres, including Elements Wellness Centre in Vancouver, where I held the position of Wellness Director, as well as practicing life coaching there.  My vast knowledge of wellness and healing means I can help with most situations, and my connections to excellent practitioners of different modalities can support that work.

Basically, I love what I do, I am constantly growing, I have learned as much as I can from a wide array of teachers and resources, and I can confidently help people through any number of transitions and reach their goals, or at least gracefully walk through times when they don’t.

I don’t believe this work is about having everything you want; I believe coaching is about having dreams and goals and being the best person you can in your life.  Also, knowing yourself is the foundation of having joy and love, so I help people to get to know themselves and I am good at this.